Past events

Mind the Income Gap: Growth from fair wages – seminar

Seminar – 1st July 2013

Real incomes have fallen for nearly three years leaving household budgets under pressure.  But slow wage growth also has impacts for the wider economy, with many now arguing that it led to the growing reliance on household debt which fuelled the recent crash….. read on

Industrial Strength Britain: policies for sustainable growth

Seminar – 21st June 2013
The event took place on June 21st 2013.   During the event we examined whether there is now a political and social partner consensus on the future of industrial policy……. read on

In Conversation with Robert Reich

Lecture - 21 May 2013
We were delighted to announce Robert Reich’s only scheduled 2013 UK appearance on Tuesday 21 May…. read on

Growing the Green Economy: can UK industry meet the low carbon challenge

Debate – 15 April 2013
The panel of speakers comprised Geoffrey Spence, Chief Executive of Infrastructure UK at HM Treasury, Emma Howard Boyd of Jupiter Assset Management, corporate director at Siemens UK Energy Sector Mike Rolls and the TUC’s Frances O’Grady… read on

Building a Secure Future: a new industrial policy

Debate – 10 January 2013
The panel of speakers comprised Conservative peer Lord Michael Heseltine and Labour peer Lord Andrew Adonis (both pictured), corporate director Andrew Churchill and the TUC’s Frances O’Grady… read on

Short-term rewards, long-term failings

Seminar – 15 November 2012
The panel of speakers comprised leading investor David Pitt-Watson; Liberal Democrat peer Lord Matthew Oakeshott; Director General of the Institute of Directors, Simon Walker and the TUC’s Frances O’Grady… read on

Tackling Youth Unemployment Seminar

Seminar – 4 July 2012
David Miliband MP spoke at a TUC seminar on tackling youth unemployment in central London this Wednesday (4 July)… read on

After Austerity: where next for the UK economy?

Conference – 26 June 2012
This conference launched the TUC’s year-long ‘After Austerity’ event series. Leading US economist Dean Baker was the keynote speaker… read on