After Austerity: where next for the UK economy? Conference – 26 June 2012

This conference launched the TUC’s year-long ‘After Austerity’ event series.

Leading US economist Dean Baker was the keynote speaker.  Download his keynote address ‘Attacking the Treasury View’.

The conference, sponsored by ‘The Guardian’ newspaper, brought together more than 40 expert speakers to consider alternatives to austerity and how to avoid a lost decade.

The conference programme can be found here and a full list of speakers can be found here.

Conference footage

Session 1Session 1: Speeches from Paul Kenny (GMB), Brendan Barber (TUC), Dean Baker (CEPR)



Session 2

Session 2: Alternatives to Austerity?’ A plenary interview session with Ha-Joon Chang (University of Cambridge); Mariana Mazzucato (University of Sussex); Karel Williams (CRESC) Chaired by Aditya Chakrabortty (The Guardian)


Session 3: Kick-starting the Recovery’ A panel debate with Dean Baker (CEPR); Colin Hay (SPERI); Judith Kirton-Darling (ETUC); Jonathan Portes (NIESR); Lord Robert Skidelsky Chaired by Larry Elliott (The Guardian).Closing remarks from Brendan Barber


The Guardian interview  economist Dean Baker and the TUC’s Nicola Smith

The economist Dean Baker and the TUC’s Nicola Smith discuss why the economic gains of the past 30 years have gone disproportionately to the wealthiest section of society. Interviewed by Tom Clark from the Guardian at the TUC’s After Austerity conference, they weigh up the arguments for capping executive pay, the provision of government tax credits and an increase in the minimum wage. Source: guardian.co.uk

Photos from the conference